Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2 minuti

I realized that even if you understand the process of drawing the figures you have to adjust to the steps you take when you draw much shorter poses. It's a good test to know, how well you know your material because you can't skip steps and get the drawing right without knowing which steps you are skipping. I have to ask, "What's the most interesting part of this pose?". ^^

Mi reso conto che anche se si capisce il processo di disegnare la figura si ha bisogno di adattarsi per le pose corte. Anche un buon modo di sapere quanto si sa la procedura del disegno. Mi chiedo sempre, "Quale parte della pose è più interessante?".

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  1. This is lovely, I noticed that you mentioned that about steps...what sort of steps did you take to get to the final design? ♥